Blisterline Mediseal  Blisterline IMA                        
Granulation Line for Drying and Granulation and Coating
Granulation with High  Shear Mixer, Wetsieve, Fluid Bed Dyer,                                                                                                           Vacuum Transfer, Calibration Sieve, Coater, Tablet Pellet Coater,  Filler,Bundler, Blisterline, Swiftpack, 
Tablet Press, Checkmaster,Deduste

Pharmaceutical Equipment

Pilot and Laboratory Equipment





  • Glatt Pilot Fluid Bed Type GPCG 5 with Granulation Insert for 3- 10 kg, with Granulation Insert  for 1- 5 kg  

  • Wurster Insert 7" for pellet Coating  

  • GPCG 5 insert with Separate Expainsion Chamber

  • GPCG 1-3 insert for smaller batch Size

  • Rotor Insert 


  • Pilot Coater GC 300, GC 500, GC 750

  • New Glatt Pilot Coater GMPC II

  • Tablet Press 1200

  • High Shear Mixer / Bohle/ Gral/ Diosna/ Fielder- Aeromatik

  • Sieves /Quadro- Comill/ Frewitt

  • Product Handling Systems

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Pilot Equipment

Pilot and Production Coater for 20-60 kg with changeable preforated Drum for Tablet Coating

Glatt Coater GC 750/ 500

GPCG 30 with - GPCG 30 insert/ GpCG 60 /GPCG 15 Insert/ Wurster 12" Insert/ Rotor RI 460 Insert


Glatt Fluid Bed GPCG 30/60

Different Inserts for GPCG 30