Blisterline Mediseal  Blisterline IMA                        
Granulation Line for Drying and Granulation and Coating
Granulation with High  Shear Mixer, Wetsieve, Fluid Bed Dyer,                                                                                                           Vacuum Transfer, Calibration Sieve, Coater, Tablet Pellet Coater,  Filler,Bundler, Blisterline, Swiftpack, 
Tablet Press, Checkmaster,Deduste

Pharmaceutical Equipment



We can offer different Service

  • Dismantling of Equipment
  • Transport
  • Loading and Packaging
  • Installation and Start- Up
  • Refurbishing
  • Rebuilding of Used Equipment
  • New Inserts ( Wurster Inserts in Fluid Bed Systems)
  • New Inserts ( Granulation and Drying Material Container)
  • New Nozzle and Spraying Systems
  • Upgrade of PLC System
  • New Control System
  • New Equipment for complete Lines
  • Refurbished Tablet Press


Rigging and Removal, Professionelly Dismantling, Professionelly Installation

Promatec AG will professionally manage the disassembly, rigging, and removal of your equipment. In some cases, Promatec  Logistics staff will perform the rigging and removal service. In other cases, Promatec will oversee the project and the chief engieers are working together with  qualified local partners. .

Why choose Promatec ?

  • Make safety a priority.
    Promatec staff have knowledge of "what it's going to take" to professionally rig and remove various items to ensure safety of the equipment.

  • Maintain peace of mind.
    Customers know that Promatec  will professionally manage the rigging and removal process from end to end and is 100% accountable for the proper and safe handling of the equipment.

  • Trust the experts.
    Promatec professionals are experts in a variety of industries and either have the experience to rig and remove your equipment or the connections to hire the right contractor for your project. They understand what needs to be done and what a particular job should cost. Promatec  nationwide service ( South Africa, South America, Europe, Far East, Russia, etc. )

  • Use the same service for International Projects. 
    Promatec  can manage your Rigging and Removal anywhere in the world.

  • Save Money.
    Weather your project in in our backyard, across the country, or on the other side of the globe, Promatec  provides competitive, cost-effective Rigging and Removal rates. Promatec has solid relationship with numerous vendors so they often discount their services for our customers.

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    Complet Installation with Start- UP, Modification of PLC System

    Siemens S ´7 with Software and Training