Blisterline Mediseal  Blisterline IMA                        
Granulation Line for Drying and Granulation and Coating
Granulation with High  Shear Mixer, Wetsieve, Fluid Bed Dyer,                                                                                                           Vacuum Transfer, Calibration Sieve, Coater, Tablet Pellet Coater,  Filler,Bundler, Blisterline, Swiftpack, 
Tablet Press, Checkmaster,Deduste

Pharmaceutical Equipment

Welcome to Promatec International AG Pharmaservice



Promatec International AG is a Supplier of Used and Unused Pharmaceutical Equipment 


- Packaging  Equipment

- Pilot and Labor Equipment

- Service 



In the current economic climat, does´nt it make sense to save money where you can without sacrificing qualitiy?


New  2022 for Sale 

UNSUED Glatt Fluid Bed  Dryer Granulator  Type GPCG 60 Pro 

Unused Glatt Pilot GPCG 5 GPCG 5 Granulator Insert and with Wurster 18"

Complete Granulation Line Glatt Pro for 60- 150kg

Blisterline IMA A80 C 80

Glatt HighShear Mixer Granulator VG 600 Pro unused 

Glatt Fluid Bed Type GPCG 120 Pro with Granulation Insert and Wurster 32 " Coating Insert

Mediseal Blisterline CP 200 / P 1600

New / Unused Glatt VG 600 Pro High Shear Mixer Granulator with Glatt Wetsieve GSF 220   

Uhlmann Bundler E 3025

New Haro Höflinger Pen- Line

Bausch und Ströbel Labeller for Vials and Ampoules 

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 Glatt GPCG Fluid Bed Granulator with Wurster  GPCG 5  GPCG 30  GPCG 120 


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 1 Blisterline IMA A 80 C80

1 Blisterline Mediseal CP 200/ P 1600

Please asked for detailed offer 









Glatt Fluid Bed GPCG 30 / 60

Fette Tablet Press P 1200 with Format B



Uhlmann Bundler E 3025

Warehouse/ Workshop

Promatec will provide professionally-managed warehousing services including equipment handling and storage of customer-owned inventory. Warehousing services in our secure storage in assigned locations; order fulfillment; inventory control/reporting; and access to optional crating and shipping services.


New Warehouse Promatec International AG

                   6000m² area

   France  Zone Industrielle Ouest Port F 9  Hombourg /15 min from Basel Airport


Zone Industrielle Ouest  Port F9

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