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Pre-owned and Used Processing Equipment for

CoatingFluid Bed Coater System Wurster

    • Perforated Pan Coater

    • New Coating Arm with Schlick Spray Nozzles for Filmcoating and Sugarcoating the some spray arm.


      Glatt Coater GCM 700 Filmcoater with Capacity 350- 700kg 

      With Sprayarm and 6 Nozzles ABC 

      With the GCs, Glatt has succeeded in developing a typical high-quality Glatt coater series which, thanks to the modular design, is perfectly adapted to today‘s requirements. The GCM series really does deliver outstanding  value for money.








    Technical data sheet GCM 700


    General technical data

    ·        Operation voltage: 3 x 230 V AC

    ·        Frequency: 60/50 Hz

    ·        Control voltage: 24 V DC/230 V AC

    ·        Machine (production area): Solvent-EX-design

    ·        Language operation panel: English

    Operation range of the unit (depending on product and process)

    ·        Batch size (with mixing baffles SU 4.12. Capacity 350 - 700kg  100 %, at density of 0.8 kg/dm³):

    ·        Air volume rate (depending on tablet size and shape): 3000 ... max 6000 m³/h

    ·        Fresh air temperature (entry inlet air system):

    Ø + 5 °C

    ·        Conditioned air temperature (exit inlet air system): approx. + 30 ... + 90 °C

    ·        Inlet air temperature (inlet Coater): approx. + 30 ... + 80 °C (depending on air temperature at inlet, length of inlet air duct and insulation)

    ·        Spray flow rate (at low viscosity < 100 mPa and bubble free spray liquids): 250 ... 1550 g/min


    ·        Pan operating volume: 700 liter

    ·        Pan diameter: 1750 mm

    ·        Pan opening diameter: 650 mm

    Pan drive

    ·        Motor capacity: 1.5 kW, revolution speed 2.5 ... 15 rpm


    ·        Fresh air temperature: + 35 °C

    ·        Fresh air humidity: 85 % rel. humidity

    Main heating

    ·        Heating capacity: 575 kW

    ·        Air temperature at exit: + 90 °C, depending on flow rate

    Inlet air fan

    ·        Max. air volume flow rate: 6500 m³/h, at 20 °C, 1013 mbar

    Exhaust air fan

    ·        Max. air volume flow rate: 6500 m³/h, at 20 °C, 1013 mbar

    ·        Motor capacity: 37,5 kW

    ·        Noise level exhaust air fan: 93 dB(A)

    ·        Size exhaust air: DN250

    Operation panel

    ·        EX-design: EX (Zone 2)






    Glatt Coater GCM 700


    With Sprayarm and 6 ABC Nozzles


    With the GCM, Glatt has succeeded in developing a typical   high-quality Glatt coater series which, thanks to the modular design, is   perfectly adapted to today‘s requirements.


    The GCM series really does deliver outstanding  value for money.







    Perforated Drum


    Glatt only uses fully perforated drums – a design which combines   maximum spray rates and extremely short process times. The horizontal process   air flow minimis turbulence in the nozzle area and therefore also contributes   to a perfect coating result. The drum geometry and the Glatt Fischer baffles   mix and protect the product at the same time, guaranteeing a very even and   exceptionally high-quality coating.


    The drum is integrated in the unique GCM housing, where all   points are extremely easy to access; it is fully welded and the suspended   drum is mounted at the rear without any front support to get in the way. GMP   at its best.




    The inside of the coater housing – easy to clean and access







    For very special applications, baffles of various types and   sizes can be installed in the drum and – if required – mix faster or with   less stress. This means that you can adapt your system perfectly to batch   sizes, product characteristics and the process (film coating).




    AHU Inlet Airhandling System


    In the basic version, the air is pre-filtered, warmed up using a   heater (Steam Heater) with face and bypass system and filtered through a fine   filter. (F5 /F9 / HEPA)


    Modular air processing system for a multitude of options








    Outlet Air Handling System


    Flap system with Bypass for Deduster/ Policefilter, Outlet Fan   and Silencer




    The nozzle arm can be extended and swivel away leaving the drum   fully accessible









    The patented ABC nozzle caps ensure that the coating material   goes exactly where it should: on the product, not on the nozzle caps




    The nozzle arm that can be adjusted in a number of ways








    Door-in-door for outstanding accessibility


    Simplified handling – a clear advantage for the user. The   cGMP-compliant design enables both perfect access to all nozzle system   components and fast and thorough cleaning. Another useful detail is that the   nozzle arm can not only be completely removed from the machine, but also   swivel away entirely from the coater opening. The result is outstanding   accessibility and simple handling.




    Peristaltic Pump W&M


    With 6 Pump heads mobile


    on trolley








    Front charging


    Front charging with a chute can be carried out manually as well   as with the corresponding lifting devices. Even extremely heavy containers   can be lifted and emptied in front of the system easily and conveniently   thanks to the handling equipment which we developed ourselves. We are also   happy to draw up individual solutions.




    The patented SScoop® is simple to install and empties your drum   right down to the last tablet in an extremely short time. And on request, a   slim container is also available with the additional discharge hopper for   even more precise discharging.








    Operating Panel


    The demands placed on state-of-the-art control systems are high   – process steps need to be configured individually and critical parameters   monitored automatically. Manual, semi- and fully automated processes have to   be handled in equal measure. All data and sequences of relevance to processes   must be documented and managed reliably.







    Control Cabinet to install it


    In technical area


    With PLC System






    Rear view of control cabinet




    Glatt WIP systems are ones you can be proud of. Everything is   clean!








    Rotating washing nozzle on the spray arm 


    for drum cleaning


    The drum and internal housing of the coater provide the best   conditions for easy and efficient cleaning. All seams are fully welded, there   are no gaps or silicone joints, corners and edges are minimis and the drum is   suspended at the rear (cantilever principle) without any front support to get   in the way. In a nutshell, they are the best way of ensuring an efficient   Glatt cleaning system.








    CIP/WIP Rack


    The Glatt cleaning rack is tailored to the requirements of the   coater’s cleaning system. Of course, the rack satisfies all GMP requirements   in terms of materials, surface quality and so on. This means, for example,   that all welding seams feature orbital welding and the surface roughness of   the pipes is less than 0.8 μm.





    Glatt Coater GC 750/ 500 for 15- 50kg


    Glatt  for Filmcoating 350-700 kg Tablets

    Glatt Perforated Coater GCM 700 for 350- 700 kg Tablet Coating Filmcoating



    New Peristalik pump

    New Inlet air preparation Part AHU

    New Fan