Blisterline Mediseal CP 200/ P 1600 Year 2005 Capacity 250 - 300 / min                                                                                              
Granulation Line for Drying and
Granulation with High  Shear Mixer, Wetsieve, Fluid Bed Dyer, 
                                                    Vacuum Transfer, Calibration Sieve, Coater, Tablet Pellet Coater,                           
  Filler,Bundler, Blisterline, Swiftpack, 
Tablet Press, Checkmaster,Deduster


Pre-owned, Used, New and Complete Refurbished Tablet Press 

Fette Tablet Press 3090i with BB Tooling, 73 Stations, New D- Tooling Rotor as Option

Tablet Press Fette 3090I
Technical data Fette 3090i

Tablet Press Unused or with only view working hours

Fette Tablet Press 2090i with WIP B Tooling  


Please asked for detailed offers

Fette 3090 With B Tooling 61 Station


3090i Year 2008