Blisterline Mediseal  Blisterline IMA                        
Granulation Line for Drying and Granulation and Coating
Granulation with High  Shear Mixer, Wetsieve, Fluid Bed Dyer,                                                                                                           Vacuum Transfer, Calibration Sieve, Coater, Tablet Pellet Coater,  Filler,Bundler, Blisterline, Swiftpack, 
Tablet Press, Checkmaster,Deduste

Pharmaceutical Equipment


Pre-owned and Used Drying, Granulation and Coating
Horizontal Granulation Production Line  with High Shear Mixer Granulator,
Fluid Bed Dyer, Vacuum Transport System complete closed system.
We offer a complete System for Granulation and Drying  Capacity 150- 250kg  in 10 bar pressure proof for Dust ST1, ST 2 and solvents. System with dustfree Transport System.

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HighShear MIxer Granulator



Horizontal Granulation Production Line with High Shear Mixer/ Granulator, Fluid Bed Dryer, Container Transport System 

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We can offer different Lines. Please asked for detailed offer